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Recurring Pain in the Ball of Your Foot

Your feet are amazingly designed to withstand a great amount of stress and let’s face it; we ask a lot of them. We shove them into all sorts of footwear and require them to support our body weight throughout a myriad of activities.

When pain arises, it is our body’s way of telling us something is wrong. Aches and pains in the ball of your foot are common, as they are areas under quite a bit of pressure. Pain here can happen if you are involved in activities that require a lot of running and jumping or if you wear ill-fitting shoes on a regular basis. Excess pressure can lead to a condition called metatarsalgia. It can come on slowly and may be a slight nuisance at first that develops into a sidelining type of pain. We are dedicated to helping people stay free of foot pain so if you are experiencing what is described here, please contact Dr. Philip Pinsker for diagnosis and treatment today.

Understanding the Problem

Metatarsalgia is a condition that involves the metatarsal heads. This localized area is found in the midfoot, just before the second, third and fourth toes. The metatarsal bones run from your arch to your toe joints and are crucial during the push-off phase when you are walking or running. When they are under too much stress, pain and inflammation can develop. There isn’t one single factor that contributes to this foot problem. Most of the time, it develops when your foot is not able to evenly distribute weight. This can be due to a change in the mechanics of your foot. Having a deformity such as hammertoes or bunions, for example, can put extra stress on the ball of your foot.

Athletes participating in sports that involve a lot of running and jumping tend to put a lot of pressure on the balls of their feet. Feet can absorb a lot of stress, but intense training and activity can add more than they can bear. This can be especially true if you are being active in shoes that do not fit well or are worn out. Extra pressure on feet can also be due to having a certain foot shape – such as high arches – or from being overweight.

Looking for the symptoms

If you have recently increased your training or are involved in a new sport, symptoms could come on suddenly, but they typically develop over time. Look for sharp or burning pain in the ball of your foot, shooting pain in your toes, numbness or tingling, pain when you flex your foot, and pain that worsens when you stand up or walk.

Treating the Problem

The encouraging news is that this condition is generally very treatable with conservative methods. Once we are able to identify the root cause for the pain in the ball of your foot, we will be able to provide a treatment tailored specifically to your needs. Treatment often starts with a good amount of rest to relieve the pressure on your foot. We will assess your footwear and make any necessary modifications. Custom orthotic inserts may help to support and cushion the ball of the foot. Anti-inflammatory medications, exercise for weight loss and physical therapy are other treatments that may be needed as well. In more severe cases, if the pain is from a deformity that needs advanced treatment, surgery may be necessary to fully relieve your foot pain.

Don’t put up with foot pain one more day than you have to – we are here to help. Metatarsalgia may sound scary but it is very common and we have the expert knowledge and resources to treat it right. Contact Dr. Philip Pinsker today to get rid your foot pain. Call our office in Washington, PA at (724) 225-7410 or request an appointment online