I wrote this book because too
many people suffer from foot and ankle pain unnecessarily.

~ Dr. Phil Pinsker


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When Should I Seek Medical Care?

If you sustain a foot or ankle injury, it is very important to seek treatment from a podiatristimmediately. Early attention to any kind of injury is vitally important in order that you do not hinder the healing and rehabilitation processes.

Foot and ankle injuries and emergencies can happen to anyone on any particular day. A simple fall off of a step or a collision in a sports game can cause a number of injuries to your feet and ankles. At our Washington, PA podiatric office, some of the more common injuries Dr. Phil Pinskertreats include:

Sprains and Strains

These are very common injuries and can range from mild to severe. A sprain occurs when the ligaments in a lower extremity are injured. A strain is when your muscles are injured. The ankle is a common place to sustain these types of injuries and often results in pain, swelling and bruising.

Stress Fractures

When an area in your foot is strained or overused beyond its limits, a small hairline crack can develop in the bone. While not a complete break, a stress fracture can still cause significant pain and be susceptible to further injury if not treated properly. Pain and swelling could be indicators of a stress fracture.  Overtraining, increasing your activity level too quickly or underlying conditions such as osteoporosis can put you at risk for developing a stress fracture.

Broken Bones

A broken bone can be described as a break, fracture or crack and can happen very quickly or over time. Anytime an acute fracture injury is sustained or if you suspect a bone may be broken, prompt attention and treatment is essential for proper healing.

Do I Need to Seek Care if I Can Walk on My Foot?

There are many myths out there that people tend to believe which end up compromising their foot and ankle health. Just because you can move a toe, your foot or your ankle does not necessarily mean that it is not broken. Small breaks and fractures may not hinder your ability to walk but still require appropriate treatment in a timely manner.

We have seen many patients come in who have neglected to care for a toe injury believing that the small bone will just heal properly in its own time. While simple home treatment may suffice for a minor toe injury, there may be a significant fracture that could result in deformity of the toe if proper treatment is not provided. With any kind of toe injury, big or small, it is best to have Dr. Pinsker determine the nature of the injury through our diagnostic proceduresand advise on the best course of treatment- whether it be therapyor surgery.

We have also treated patients who have first attempted to just soak their injury in hot water and then wrap it up in a bandage. There are some important steps you can do at home to care for an injury until you can see Dr. Pinsker but they should only be temporary. Putting an injured foot in hot water will only cause any swelling to increase as it promotes blood flow. While a bandage may help immobilize an injured foot or ankle, any break or torn ligament needs proper casting or splinting to ensure proper healing will take place.

If you sustain a foot or ankle injury, follow the RICE method of treatment for pain managementand make an appointment with Dr. Pinsker immediately.

Rest - Avoid activity and stay off your injured foot or ankle.

Ice - Gently apply ice on the injured area for 10 minutes, then wait 20 minutes before applying again.

Compression - Lightly wrap a bandage around the injured area.

Elevation - Sit or lay down where you can elevate your foot higher than your heart. This will help reduce swelling and pain.

Please contact our podiatric office as soon as you sustain a foot or ankle injury or start experiencing painful symptoms. The sooner Dr. Pinsker can address the cause and nature of your injury, the sooner treatment can begin that will preserve the health of your foot or ankle.

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