I wrote this book because too
many people suffer from foot and ankle pain unnecessarily.

~ Dr. Phil Pinsker


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Experiencing a foot problem can be painful, frustrating and inconvenient. Dr. Phil Pinsker is dedicated to caring for all of your foot and ankle needs so that you do not have to live with foot pain! With years of experience and education, Dr. Pinsker can provide treatment tailored to your needs and get you back to living the life you want to without pain.

We are experienced in treating all types of foot problems:

Running & Sports Injuries

Injuries to the lower extremities are common if you are a runner or involved in sports. Whether you suffer from an acute foot or ankle injury, a problem that has developed due to overuse or pain from wearing worn out, ill-fitting shoes, we can diagnose and treat your foot pain. Heel pain, stress fractures, blisters, torn ligaments, shin splints, bunions, tendonitis and ankle sprains are among the common problems we see in our active patients. Dr. Pinkser can treat your injury and provide tips to prevent future sports injuries.

Heel Pain

Heel pain is a very common foot problem that can affect anyone at any age. There are many conditions that can cause heel pain. Plantar fasciitis is a very common cause for heel pain. If you have heel pain when you first stand up in the morning, when you stand all day or after you have been active, we can help. Treating heel pain early with custom orthotics, night splints and physical therapy allows for a quicker recovery. Other causes for heel pain include Achilles tendonitis, bursitis, Sever’s disease, and stress fractures.

Bunions & Hammertoes

Deformities of the feet and toes are commonly treated at our podiatric office. Bunions and hammertoes are two of the most common deformities patients for which patients seek treatment. A bunion is an abnormal prominence on the side of your foot in which the big toe joint is angled towards the second toe. Bunions can become painful and make it difficult to wear shoes comfortably. Hammertoe is a deformity where one or more of your toes are bent up or contracted. This often causes a lot of friction is shoes and can become a painful condition as the toes become more fixed in their position. Treating bunions and hammertoes at the beginning allows the progression of each condition to slow down. Custom orthotics, shoe modifications and possible surgery options can bring your feet back to health and free of pain.

Foot & Ankle Injuries

With the amount of wear and tear we put on our feet, foot and ankle injuries are at times inevitable. Some of the more common injuries we treat include plantar fasciitis, fractures, tendonitis, shin splints and sprains. It is important to remember that foot pain is never normal. If you have any kind of foot pain, please contact us today to diagnose the nature of your injury and begin treatment before the condition worsens.

Children’s Foot Problems

Children are not exempt from foot and ankle problems. Foot pain in a child can be due to several causes such as: Sever’s disease, intoeing, club foot, flat feet, injury or improper footwear. It is important that you have your child seen by Dr. Pinsker if you notice any change in your child’s activity level, lumps or bumps on their feet, complaints about foot pain, tripping or falling and skin or toenail problems. Many foot problems will only worsen over time so early treatment is essential.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes can be very dangerous for feet. Proper foot care and intervention when necessary are essential for foot health. Diabetes can cause nerve damage that can take away your ability to feel pain, heat or cold. You may unknowingly sustain a small injury and the lack of sensation can delay treatment. Even a small cut can produce serious consequences as healing is often compromised when you have diabetes. To avoid serious complications that could result in amputation, it is important to have regular visits with Dr. Pinkser and to seek treatment as soon as symptoms are noticed.

Skin & Nail Problems

There are many problems that can specifically affect the skin and nails on your feet. Some are minor and require little treatment while others can develop into serious and painful complications. Fungal toenails are commonly treated at our office. If you have discolored, thickened or deformed toenails, we have the treatments needed to bring your nails back to health. Ingrown toenails are another common nail problem where the corners of the nail curve downward and into the surrounding skin and tissue. Often occurring with the big toenail, and ingrown nail can become seriously infected so early treatment is important.

Skin problems that we treat on a regular basis include: corns, calluses, Athlete’s foot, warts, dry skin and ulcers. There are sometimes appropriate self-care options to help these types of skin problems but often the specific treatments offered at our podiatric office are needed to handle the problem once and for all. It is especially important for anyone with diabetes to take care of skin and nail problems at our office to avoid serious complications.


Unfortunately, as much as we love them, shoes are often the culprits when it comes to foot pain. Certain foot deformities can be aggravated and worsen with poor footwear, injuries are more common in sports when improper shoes are worn and tight, ill-fitting shoes can cause numerous foot problems. Dr. Pinsker is able to assess whether the shoes you wear are the cause of your foot pain, evaluate the wear and tear when diagnosing foot problems and provide suggestions on which types of shoes are best for your feet.