I wrote this book because too
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The ankle joint is made up of the anklebone and the ends of the two lower leg bones. Ligaments hold these bones together surrounded by muscles and tendons. These structures provide support and stability to the ankle and work to provide a smooth gait while propelling the body during each step. The ankle is an extremely strong joint. It acts like a hinge during movement and is able to withstand around 1-½ times your body weight during walking and up to 8 times your weight during a run.

Although the ankle is extremely complex and designed to withstand a lot of stress, injuries happen and conditions can develop over time. An injury or a condition can affect the normal way your ankle functions. One small part of the ankle being damaged can affect the entire joint as a whole, which can lead to continuing problems in the future. This can impact your ability to carry out your daily tasks and activities without problems or pain.

Understanding the function of the ankle and how to prevent problems and conditions is important to protect the health of your ankle. Dr. Pinsker provides treatment for all ankle injuries and conditions at our Washington, PA podiatric office. Common ankle problems include:

Ankle Sprain

A sprained ankle is a very common injury. It can happen to children and adults, athletes and non-athletes – regardless of age or regular activity level. The cause of a sprain may also vary, such as landing at an angle off of a step or tripping on an uneven surface.

A sprain occurs when the ligaments that support your ankle are stretched beyond their limits. There are three grades of sprains ranging from mild to severe. A mild sprain would result in slight stretching where a severe sprain usually causes a complete tearing of the ligaments.

Treatment is based on the severity of the injury and X-rays may be taken to ensure the bone is not broken. Dr. Pinsker may advise the use of the RICE form of treatment, which is comprised of rest, ice, compression and elevation. Rehabilitation may require a period of immobilization, non-weight bearing, medications and physical therapy. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary to repair the ankle.

Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain

This condition involves chronic or continuing pain on the outside of the ankle. Symptoms of this chronic condition include ankle instability, repeated sprains, stiffness and tenderness. It most commonly develops after an injury. If a sprain was not treated promptly or properly, you could be at risk for developing chronic problems. A fracture, arthritis, scar tissue from a sprain and an inflamed tendon could also lead to chronic pain.  

An evaluation by Dr. Pinsker will pinpoint the exact reason for your constant pain. Treatment may include anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, bracing and immobilization.


Also known as osteochondritis dissecans, this condition can develop after a twisting-type of injury to the ankle. Due to this trauma, a small piece of cartilage and bone can become loose from the end of a bone. In many cases, the affected area can heal on its own but there are situations in which the lesion actually separates and becomes caught in the joint. In mild cases, immobilization allows for adequate healing although for a more serious condition, surgery may be required to remove the loose fragments and repair the ankle joint.

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If you begin to have pain or swelling after a fall, twisting injury or after your ankle was hit, please call our office to have the concern assessed. What you feel may be a minor injury which could have more underlying damage that requires appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Prevent future problems and possible chronic pain by calling Dr. Pinsker at the onset of an injury. Schedule online or call our office at (724) 225-7410.