I wrote this book because too
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Take Care of Lingering Ankle Pain

The ankle is a complex part of your foot, the main joint between the foot and the leg. It is made up of three separate bones: the tibula, fibula and talus. These bones are then connected by a number of ligaments. Together, they form a mechanism that allows you to walk, run, jump and a host of other movements. The ankle is the primary hinge for your foot and it is often the site for pain and injury. An acute injury such as an ankle sprain can unfortunately be a gift that keeps on giving. Lingering ankle pain is often called chronic lateral ankle pain, and depending on the severity it can greatly impact your quality of life.

Dr. Philip Pinsker is a top expert in his field with many years of experience treating injuries and conditions that relate to the ankle. We understand that any type of foot pain on a regular basis can be frustrating to deal with. If you are experiencing a condition similar to what we are discussing here, don’t live another day dealing with your ankle pain. Call our office at (724) 225-7410 for treatment.

What Is Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain?

When we use the word lateral, we are referring to pain on the outside of the ankle. Chronic simply means that the pain is persistent and recurring. The most common reason we see this occurring in our patients is from a sprain that may not have healed properly. The ligaments around your ankle are stretched or torn in a sprain, and without complete healing and rehabilitation these ligaments can remain weakened. This causes the ankle joint to be unstable and puts you at risk for further ankle injuries.

When diagnosing this ankle condition, we look for several common symptoms that are usually present: pain that may be intense or just a dull ache, a feeling of instability, stiffness, swelling, tenderness, difficulty walking on uneven ground, and repeated sprains.

Other Causes for Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain

 We consistently educate our patients to remember that foot or ankle pain is not normal and should always be looked at. The reason for this is that the discomfort may be minor in nature, but it could also be stemming from a serious condition of which you are unaware. If you can’t remember spraining your ankle, there could be a specific cause for your pain that needs immediate treatment.

Some of the other causes for pain on the outside of the ankle include arthritis of the ankle joint, inflammation of the lining of the joint, a torn or inflamed tendon, an injury to nerves within the ankle, scar tissue from a prior sprain, and an actual fracture in one of the bones of the ankle. If there was indeed a fracture, continuing to walk or exercise on this injury could result in a much more serious injury that could require surgery.

How We Can Help

Dr. Phil Pinkser has the expert knowledge and state-of-the-art treatments to evaluate, diagnose and treat your chronic ankle pain. When you visit us, we will use physical exam, X-ray and CT scan if necessary to pinpoint the true cause of your pain, so we can tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs. The final diagnosis guides which kind of treatment you may need. We may use anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, steroid injections, ankle braces or other immobilization techniques.

There are some cases where the ankle pain may not respond to conservative treatment methods and can only be resolved through surgery. We may need to repair ligaments, clean up the ankle joint, or remove any loose fragments of bone to bring your ankle back to full health and free of pain.

Take action if you are noticing lingering ankle pain, as early treatment often brings relief of symptoms quickly and helps avoid long-term complications. Call our office at (724) 225-7410 or make an appointment online today.