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By Dr. Philip Pinsker
April 08, 2014
Category: Skin Care

How the Weather Affects Your SkinWhen we head outside on a cooler day, it is almost without thought that we grab a warm coat, some gloves, and maybe even a hat. Our skin often takes the brunt of the elements. There are several ways weather affects skin, whether you live in a cold climate or one that is hot and humid. If you have been having some symptoms lately, Mother Nature could be to blame!

Let’s start with cold weather problems since we still have cool temperatures here in Washington, PA. Cold air often holds little to no moisture, which means skin has a tendency to dry out in this type of weather. If you exercise outside or have a job that requires you to be outdoors every day, the wind is another factor that can really dry out your skin. Your skin may feel itchy, tight and rough and have some redness or cracking as well. A skin condition such as eczema can also flare up in cold, dry weather. As tempting as it can be to stay in a hot shower for extended amounts of time, this can further dry out your skin. Avoid long, hot showers and use a rich moisturizer on problem areas. A warmer climate can cause extra sweat and lead to acne breakouts, particularly if you have oily skin. A hot and humid environment can also cause heat rash on the skin, which is an area of blisters or bumps. Lastly, damage to your skin can come from the sun’s rays in warm or cold weather. We don’t often think of putting on sunscreen in the winter, but it is just as important as in the summer.

If you are having skin problems on your feet or notice any new symptoms, contact Philip S. Pinsker, D.P.M. for evaluation and treatment. Dry skin can become painful and problematic, especially if you have diabetes. Call our Washington, PA office at (724) 225-7410 today for more information on keeping your skin healthy.

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