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Joakim Noah is currently suffering from an injury to his left ankle. Noah plays center for the Chicago Bulls, but was set to play for France in this summer’s 2012 London Olympics. Since his injury he has been taken off of the French Olympic team’s roster.

Noah is taking the injury seriously stating that his ankle should not be subdued to any running, jumping, and especially playing Olympic basketball.  Unfortunately, basketball combines the two intensities and along with the stress of fierce competition, which would not help his condition.

The injury originally occurred during an NBA playoff game for the Chicago Bulls. Noah severely rolled his ankle, which resulted in a sprained ankle and he even left the stadium on crutches. He attempted to return to the game and play through his severe pain, but could not manage to put weight on his ankle and asked to be benched from the game. Noah recently stated that his ankle needs rest and proper time to heal so that he will fully recover from the injury. He would rather not play through the pain and risk more serious and even permanent damage to his ankle.

Noah is obviously disappointed that he will not be participating in this year’s Summer Olympics, but has decided to put his personal health first. He stated that he was confident in his teammates’ abilities and knows that there are healthier players who will be equipped to help when he could not.

Players need to know when to put their own health first and ahead of the game and their career. Playing with a sprained ankle can lead to more serious injuries, pain and even the loss of mobility. Once an injury occurs, no matter how minimal you believe it may be, you should never return to a sporting event or any other form of physical activity until the injury is properly examined by a trained professional.

If you experience a sprained ankle contact our office at (724) 225-7410 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Phil Pinsker. Dr. Pinsker will help your ankle fully and correctly heal getting you back in good health so you can get back to the court.