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By Dr. Pinsker
August 13, 2012
Category: Shoes
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If you are a nurse you probably work many hours on your feet all day or night long. By the end of your shift not only is your entire body exhausted, but your feet are crying out for rest. Your feet bear the weight of your entire body. With a job that allows minimal opportunities for you to sit down, you are at risk for injuries and foot problems. This risk increases if you are not aware of the appropriate shoes for your chosen career.

Below are some tips on what to look for when choosing shoes.  They include:

  • Reduce the weight. You are on your feet almost the entire day so your work shoes should be very lightweight. The heavier your shoe is the more weight your feet have to lift off the ground with every step.
  • Let your feet breathe. You should make sure that your work shoes have proper ventilation. If your feet can not breathe throughout the day, they are more likely to feel tired and overworked at the end. Your feet are also more likely to sweat when they are not allowed proper air flow. Excessive sweating is not only irritating, but it can lead to fungal foot infections.
  • Avoid slippery soles. Look for walking shoes that are made from non-slip rubber materials. Slippery soles can lead to unnecessary accidents and even injuries during your work day. Non-slip materials will keep your soles from scuffing on the tile floors and keep you moving more efficiently.
  • Purchase nurse specific footwear. Just like there are sport specific shoes, you can also purchase shoes specific to the nursing career. Many nurses buy basic running or walking shoes, but these shoes are intended for shorter distances and are not as long lasting. Nurse specific shoes can be a bit more costly, but in the end they will last a lot longer and are much healthier for your feet. Look for shoes with a contoured shape, proper shock absorption, and allow for optimal flexibility and function.

Remember that just like in sports, your career should be accompanied by appropriate shoes. As a nurse you spend many hours on your feet with little rest, so it’s important to have a shoe that will keep your feet healthy and reduce the pain. Adding custom molded orthotics to your shoes can also help to give you greater support and cushioning to keep your feet healthier and happier.

If you would like to be fitted for a custom molded orthotic, or would like more information on the best shoe for your specific needs, contact our office at (724) 225-7410 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Philip Pinsker.