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Wearing Flat Feet with Minimalist ShoesIt is often hard to keep up on the latest trends. Staying up to date on what is current isn’t always what is most important though. When it comes to foot health, the question becomes whether wearing the latest trend good for your feet.

Do you have flat feet?

Having flat feet is a common condition seen at Dr. Phil Pinsker’s Washinton, PA podiatric office. It often poses no risks or problems for people. It is when you do not have a normal arch when standing up. If your entire sole touches the floor then you have flat feet. You may have heard it called “fallen arches.” 

While this foot condition often is not painful, it could be aggravated by certain activities or footwear. In this article, we want to explore whether minimalist shoes, a popular trend in footwear right now are healthy for people with flat feet. 

People with flat feet usually have an accompanying pronation problem as well, where ankles lean inward and feet overpronate during activities such as running. This makes it important for feet to be properly supported in footwear. Minimalist shoes have become so popular due to their design being so lightweight. Advocates claiming these shoes help runners gain strength and endurance as well. 

There are enough injuries being seen though giving pause to whether these shoes are worth the risk. The lack of structure and support in minimalist shoes exposes the Achilles tendon to a lot of stress and the ball of the foot. Achilles tendonitis and fractures can result for anyone but especially for someone with flat feet. People with flat feet already have a tightened Achilles tendon therefore it and the plantar fascia are at a high risk for injury with a minimalist shoe.  

When it doubt, check it out! 

If you are interested in minimalist shoes but question your foot health, see Dr. Pinsker for an evaluation. Schedule an appointment by calling our office at (724) 225-7410.

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