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Do you have a painful ingrown toenail?

How to Care for an Ingrown ToenailTo calm any nerves you may have, know that an ingrown toenail is a very common toe problem. Dr. Phil Pinsker, a foot specialist in Washington, PA treats patients almost daily who have an ingrown toenail problem. What we do want you to know is there are ways to treat an ingrown toenail and things you should never do!

If an ingrown toenail is bothering you or you are having difficulty wearing your favorite pair of shoes because of it, there are steps to take care of it. How you treat an ingrown toenail though will set the stage for the future health of your toe. Here are a few things that you need to remember:

  • You may trim the toenail a bit but you should never try and dig out the corner that has grown into the skin.
  • Put away any pointy-toed high heels and opt for a shoe that has a wide toe box so the toe has the least amount of pressure on it.
  • Don’t let your feet get dirty. It is important to keep your toenails clean and dry. If there is any infection at all, bacteria from dirty feet can make the problem even worse.
  • Don’t ignore an ingrown toenail if you have diabetes, nerve damage or poor circulation as the condition can worsen and can quickly become very serious.
  • Monitor an ingrown toenail and get it treated professionally if it is not growing out on its own, is very painful or if you see redness, swelling or discharge from the area.

If you have an ingrown toenail that you feel needs to be treated, do not hesitate to call our podiatric office for help. We have several options to treat your problem without pain and have you back on your feet in no time. Make an appointment today by calling our office (724) 225-7410.

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