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Posts for tag: Diabetes and Warm Weather

By Dr. Philip Pinsker
April 30, 2014
Category: Diabetes

A person living with diabetes has a lot to manage. Aside from a good diet, exercise and keeping blood sugar levels under control, foot care is also a top priority. Many diabetics suffer with diabetic nerve damage in their feet, compromising their ability to feel pain, heat or cold. The nerve damage and loss of feeling often makes the patient unable to feel an injury.

Foot sores, or ulcers, for example are a common diabetic injury seen at our podiatric office in Washington, PA. Often on the ball of the foot or the bottom of the big toe, sores may not be noticed or even painful due to loss of sensation in the foot. If left untreated, sores can become infected and lead to possible amputation.

In an effort to help diabetics with preventative foot care, there has been some research done on the sensitivity to heat in diabetic feet. It has been found that there is often a noticeable increase in temperature at the site of the sore during the week prior. Patients who monitored their foot temperature in several places on a daily basis were far less likely to get foot sores.

As with many foot conditions, prevention is often the best medicine. For diabetics, performing routine foot checks for injuries or unusual symptoms can prevent very serious injury and complications. Talk to Dr. Pinsker if you are diabetic and are interested in knowing more about the best ways to prevent foot problems. Contact his podiatric office at (724) 225-9469.