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Basketball is played around the world from gyms to driveways and neighborhood courts. Did you know a Canadian physical education teacher named James Naismith invented it in 1891? Points were scored by dribbling a soccer ball up and down a court and landing it in a peach basket hung on the wall.

Foot and ankle injuries have also been no stranger to the game since it started so many years ago. Ryan Kelly, a starting forward for Duke’s top ranked basketball team recently succumbed to the dangers of the game a second time with an injury to his right foot. Dr. Phil Pinsker, foot specialist in Washington, PA treats sports injuries on a regular basis.

What makes basketball so dangerous for feet and ankles? The game as a whole puts a lot of stress on your feet! The running, jumping, landing, sudden starts, quick stops and turns can cause a number of injuries to feet and ankles. A player can get a sudden acute injury from a landing wrong or a collision with another player. Secondarily, a player can have a chronic injury that develops over time from intense training or overuse. Common basketball injuries include:

Whether you are a full time professional or a weekend basketball fan, it is important to protect your feet. If you have suffered an acute injury while playing or suspect a problem is developing, contact Dr. Pinsker at our podiatric office by calling (724) 225-7410 and make an appointment. Find more foot and ankle information at