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Protecting Your Feet While Playing BaseballAre you a fan of baseball? As one of America’s favorite pastimes, it truly is a sport for all ages. Whether you play in little league, the minor leagues or the major league, it can also bring its share of foot and ankle injuries.

How are my feet at risk in baseball?

Like many other sports, baseball can lead to injury. Improper footwear, poor technique, collisions with players and over training can cause injury to feet and ankles. Running bases, a staple in the game, can lead to ankle sprains. Holes in the ground, unusual bumps and the bases themselves can cause trips and falls resulting in rolled ankles.

Cleatsare the proper choice of footwear for baseball but they can also put a player at risk for injury. They do improve traction but spikes that get caught in the grass can cause ankle sprains and fractures. Cleats that do not fit well can cause injuries such as turf toe and blisters.

Sliding is a part of the game that can be quite dangerous. It makes the game exciting and is fun to do. When not done properly though or with bases that are secured, players are at risk for sprains, fractures, bruises and broken or jammed toes.

Dr. Phil Pinsker, foot specialist in Washington, PA regularly gets athletes with foot pain back in the game. There are ways to avoid injury with proper footwear and appropriate training and technique but some injuries may be inevitable. If baseball, or any sport has you sitting on the sidelines with a foot or ankle injury or discomfort, please contact us today for help. You can call our podiatric office at (724) 225-7410 or request an appointment online.

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