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By contactus
March 06, 2011
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As winter rolls along, some podiatric concerns can be increased due to the weather. Mostly, I think of the diabetic patient population. The cold weather and other winter hassles can affect your podiatric health and keeping your appointments with all health care providers is important. If travel is affected due to the weather, make sure to call your physician's office quickly in order to reschedule. Here are some of the key aspects of your routine diabetic foot exam.
Circulation: As a diabetic, your body's ability to control your blood sugar can affect your blood flow to your extremities. Everything from tissue health to increased chances of infection can be linked to poor circulation.
Sensation: Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is a major concern. Correctly monitoring it's involvement and extent is a key part in your diabetic health. Ulcerations and other podiatric issues may not be noticed due to this condition.
Skin and other soft tissue health: Monitoring all parts of your feet is always important. To the diabetic patient, a small cut, blister, or abrasion may not seem important but these things can lead to more traumatic concerns. This is why nail care, for some patients, is best handled at the podiatrist's office.
If it has been a while since your last diabetic foot exam or if you are looking for a new podiatrist in the Washington, PA area, give us a call today!