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Should I Ditch My Running Shoes?

Traditional Running Shoes vs Barefoot RunningAre you wondering what the fuss is all about surrounding barefoot running? It isn’t anything new but it has definitely gained a lot of momentum, popularity and controversy over the last few years.

Dr. Phil Pinsker, foot specialist in Washington, PA makes it his highest priority every day to care for his patients' feet. He sees regularly how feet can be casualties in the rat race of running.  There are a lot of reasons feet and ankles can be injured during running but going barefoot may be sliding your name to the top of the “at risk” list.

The supporters of barefoot running propose that shoes are a hindrance, a liability even, when it comes to foot injuries. The theory is that we can run more efficiently and how our bodies are supposed to run without the use of cumbersome shoes. There are studies consistently being done testing both sides of the barefoot running debate and a recent one found that bare isn’t necessarily better.

A study at the University of Colorado found that runners with normal running shoes actually consumed less energy during a run. The study revealed that in comparison to barefoot runners, those with shoes were able to maintain their pace at a lower energy level. Even though there was more weight with the shoe, which you would think would cause a runner to burn more energy, they still provided more of an advantage to runners than going without. The main conclusion that resulted from this study is that the cushioning in shoes helps absorb the shock of each step, allowing your leg muscles to not have to work as hard.

It is ultimately up to you whether or not you will ditch your running shoes, but we highly encourage you to come and see Dr. Pinsker first. He can evaluate the health of your feet, identify any pre-existing problems, and advise you on whether barefoot running is safe for you. Call our podiatric office today at (724) 225-7410 or request an appointment here.

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