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August 30, 2011
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What exactly is a custom orthotic?  A foot orthotic is a removable device placed inside the shoe that helps to correct many problems of the foot and can also be used to increase general comfort or to prevent pain.  Orthotics are custom fitted to the underside of your foot to provide you the greatest benefit.  Typically, orthotics are made of hard plastic and are often covered in a softer material; they can be the full-length of the foot or can be ¾ length depending on your specific needs. 

Custom orthotics are frequently used to treat foot deformities such as flat feet, over-pronation (rolling the feet and ankles inward), over-supination (rolling of the feet and ankles outward), and supporting high arches, to name a few.  In general, orthotics help to re-align the bones of the foot and, over time, decrease pain caused by these conditions.   While reducing pain in the feet due to deformities is a common reason people seek orthotics, they can be used for other reasons as well. For example, a person who stands on her feet all day may benefit from a custom orthotic because it allows the weight to be more evenly distributed, decreasing pain that may occur from overuse.  In an overweight person, orthotics can also be helpful to distribute the pressure on the foot which may allow for less pain with walking or exercise.  Athletes also commonly use orthotics to increase endurance or decrease the chance of injury. 

In addition to helping to reduce foot pain, the re-alignment of the foot may help to reduce knee, hip or back pain over time.  These and other conditions are all reasons that orthotics may be prescribed, so stop in to speak with us about the possibilities for reducing your pain and keeping your feet happy.