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World Vault Champ McKayla Maroney had to slow down her training at the end of the 2012 Olympics.  Unfortunately, she was nursing a sore right foot because of a broken big toe. Maroney altered her training practice and floor exercise routine because of her injury and was only able to perform a few warm-up vaults. Also, the Olympic gymnast refrained from practicing tumbling for her floor routine and sat out most of the U.S. team’s practice. She watched from the sidelines rooting on her teammates as they trained for the upcoming events.

Maroney iced and taped her foot throughout practice to reduce pain and swelling. Maroney broke the big toe of her right foot during the last few weeks of training during this year’s Olympic Games in London. The injury is not new to Maroney, in fact the toe had been broken for a while and she split it once again after the round-off dismount of her beam routine. It was the third time she split the broken toe.          

Gymnasts commonly receive injuries to both their feet and ankles because the intensely competitive sport requires hard landings on their feet in almost every routine. Maroney did take it easy, but only for a few days to continue her training and compete in the rest of the Olympic Games. The American athlete competed with a wrapped foot, which taped her big and second toes together.  Doing this helped protect the injury from further damage. Maroney was a favorite to win the gold on vault, but ended up taking home a silver medal instead. Her injury will need rest now that the 2012 Olympic Games have finished in order for it to heal completely.        

Maroney put the health of her foot at serious risk by not allowing the injury to heal completely. Her actions not only resulted in further injury, but could potentially result in permanent damage.

Breaking your toes should be taken seriously and allowed proper time to heal. The big toe takes on an enormous amount of pressure every time you are physically active, or even when you walk or stand. Fractured toes often require surgical shoes or boots in order to protect the injury and immobilize your injured foot. If you experience a broken toe, contact our office at (724) 225-7410 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Phil Pinsker.

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