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By contactus
May 31, 2010
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Summer time is here and with it too are the summer time shoe fashions. One mainstay is the flip flop. Why does such a popular shoe have such a bad rap? The biomechanics associated with how you walk in flip flops is the number one problem. Toes are clawing to keep the flip flop on your foot and a completely different set of muscles is trying to flex the foot to prepare for impact. This leads to excessive strain on the feet at impact. Flip flops offer little cushioning and no arch support, and they force their wearers into an unnatural, toe-gripping, foot-slapping gait.
Among the possible consequences:
- Sore arches and heels, which can progress to chronic conditions, including inflamed Achilles tendons and plantar fasciitis, inflammation of the connective tissue between the heel bone and the toes.
• Heel calluses (from the pounding).
• Hammer toes (from the gripping).
• Irritation between the toes (from the toe thongs), which can lead to nasty fungal infections.
A few tips for making it through the summer with feet that look good and feel good, too:
- Spend most of your time in sturdy shoes that offer heel and arch support. If you can take the sandal or ballet flat and twist it into a little ball, that's a sign that they can't take everyday wear and tear.
- Invest in better flip flops. High-end brands, such as Teva, Merrell and Bite, can cost $36 to $104. The advantages of those flip-flops, is that you can safely wear them for prolonged periods. Rainbow sandals also makes a flip flop that has a "double-arch" which offers more support. It ranges from 40-60 dollars.