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By Dr. Philip Pinsker
September 04, 2013
Category: Foot Injuries

Have you ever stepped off a curb the wrong way or landed funny on your foot during a sports match?  What did you do? New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle recently endured a setback from a sprained ankle, but will most likely be able to jump back in for the game against the Dallas Cowboys on Sept 8th, 2013. Whether you are a professional athlete or not, how you care for an ankle sprain will either set you up for success or for continuing problems.

Many end up hobbling around in pain, limping along while waiting for the pain and swelling to subside. A rolled ankle often heals well with rest, elevation, and some ice. Wrapping or taping your ankle is another treatment that could be exactly what your ankle needs to get back to full health.

You can easily wrap your ankle yourself at home if you have sustained an injury, or guide a friend or family member with the following steps. First, elevate your foot on a stool and ensure it is at a 90-degree angle. Starting under your big toe, wrap an ACE bandage twice around the ball of your foot and end on the top of your foot. Make sure to leave the tips of your toes exposed. Now bring the bandage across and under your arch and back to your toes in a figure eight pattern and repeat several times. Next move on to wrapping the bandage around the ankle and back under the arch several times, again in a figure eight pattern. Finish by wrapping just the ankle three times and secure with a clasp. The bandage or tape should not be too tight and will need to be redone if your toes look red or purple.

If you are having trouble, have no fear! Simply call foot specialist Dr. Phil Pinsker for full treatment of your ankle injury. Make an appointment today at our office in Washington, PA by calling (724) 225-7410. We can wrap you up and get you back on your feet!