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By contactus
September 09, 2010
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Yes, there are plenty of gimmicks out in the world of commerce that are geared towards alleviating foot pain. One new product has come forth this year as a possible solution for non-invasive treatment of hammertoes, corns on toes and athletes foot. The product is the Injinji Therapeutic Toesock. It has recently acquired a stamp of approval from The American Podiatric Medical Association for the use in treating the above problems.
The sock works by compartmentalizing each toe like a glove does for your hands. The material is a moisture-wicking material designed to keep sweat and other moisture off of the feet. The material is also intertwined with sliver in order have anti-microbial functionality. By compartmentalizing each toe, pressure and moisture can be alleviated in between toes and could reduce the pain associated with corns. By having the wicking material with anti-microbial properties, the socks will also cut down on athletes foot as well. So far, the largest complaint stemming from the socks is the fact that people are not use to material being between toes and it feel s uncomfortable. This is not a majority finding but it has been noted as a drawback. That being said, another drawback is the price. One pair is around 16 dollars. Here is a link to the Injinji website.
If you have other questions about any of the problems listed above. Please feel free to call our office today and schedule an appointment. The treatment for the conditions above are unique to each patient and we would be glad to help you on your road to great foot health!