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many people suffer from foot and ankle pain unnecessarily.

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By Dr. Philip Pinsker
April 23, 2014
Category: Fitness

Stay ahead of the game and keep injuries away with some simple stretching tips. Sometimes an injury is an accident that was out of your control. On the other hand, many common foot and ankle injuries happen from overuse and because muscles are too weak to withstand the stress we put on them.

Dr. Phil Pinsker treats many injuries that with a bit of effort and forethought could have been avoided. If you are active, you most likely take the time to warm up or cool down to protect your body, but feet are often forgotten. Try these simple stretches the next time you are watching your favorite show:

Roll It

This is a great exercise that provides a nice massage for tired feet as well. Use a golf ball or frozen water bottle under your foot and roll it back and forth from your toes all the way to your heel.

Toe Stretch

Sit down with your feet flat on the floor and spread out your toes as far as you can. Hold this stretch for a few seconds before bringing toes back together and repeat 10 times.

Towel Pull

Sit on the floor for this one with your legs straight out in front. You don’t need to be able to touch your toes, don’t worry! Take a towel and wrap it around your toes.  Gently pull the towel towards you to stretch your toes and your arch. Hold for 15 seconds before releasing and repeat this 3 times.

Heel Drop

This is a great one for those with plantar fasciitis. Stand at the edge of a step and lower heels down. Hold for 15 seconds before lifting back up and repeat 5 times.

If any of these exercises are painful or if an injury has you sidelined, call our office in Washington, PA for diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Pinsker can provide the treatment you need to resolve your pain and keep your feet free from injury. Call (724) 225-7410 to make an appointment today.