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August 06, 2010
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"Toning" shoes have hit the American market in a big way. The many companies that market the shoe claim to increase calories burned and help workout your gluts, thighs, legs, and improve posture. To a limited extent, the shoes could help strengthen some stability muscles used in posture and gait. However, the shoes can also lead to an increased chance of injury.

By designing the bottom of the shoes to resemble a "rocker-bottom" shoe the companies creating the toning shoes are creating a shoe designed to put the user off-balance. In theory, this off-balanced state would increase the use of stabilizer muscles of the gluts and core. The problem is, no study has come forward without financial backing of the shoe companies. The first study to evaluate the effectiveness of the toning shoes actually found them to have no additional benefit for burning calories as compared to normal running shoes while subjects walked on a treadmill. Here's a link to that study if you would like to learn more.

Although some users have had success with the toning shoes, some Podiatrists aren't convinced that the benefits outweigh the risks.

"Even though I have a number of patients who have benefitted with reduced foot pain while wearing these shoes, an equal number of my patients have purchased and tried these shoes and found they didn't help them, or even hurt them." - Dr. Kevin Kirby, DPM

The risk of developing conditions such as Achilles tendonitis or even stress fractures could be increased with toner shoes. For adults that may be prone to falls or unsteadiness, the toner shoes should be totally avoided. For other healthy adults, some careful research should be done before purchasing such shoes. More research is needed on the shoes. One fact that doesn't need further study is that exercise is the BEST way to lose weight and stay in shape! If you would like more help on proper athletic footwear please give us a call to schedule an appointment today!