I wrote this book because too
many people suffer from foot and ankle pain unnecessarily.

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School’s out and most children are all too happy to trade back packs and homework for days by the pool or beach and other summertime fun. At Philip S. Pinsker, DPM, we want to caution parents about foot problems that we see a particular increase in during summer months in children and how to prevent them. 

Injuries—being footloose in the summer can increase the risk of injury. Many children love to run barefoot but this means a greater chance of puncture wounds and cuts from sharp items that may be hidden in the grass or sand. Even lake bottoms can contain jagged rocks and glass and for this reason water shoes are recommended. Another cause of injuries and foot pain is the overuse of flip flops. Although fine at the pool, flip flops provide no arch support and also do not cushion your heels. Children from the ages of 8 all the way up to their mid-teens are still growing new bone in the heel and repetitive pounding without protection can inflame the growth plate and lead to a condition known as Sever’s Disease. Due to the flimsy design of flip flops, tripping and toe scraping are other frequent occurrences.

Fungal Infections—going barefoot also puts your child at risk for fungal infections and warts. Summertime is prime time for the viruses, fungi and bacteria that lead to athlete’s foot and fungal toenails. Warm, moist, dark places are where these culprits thrive. These types of conditions are spread by direct contact so be sure to make sure your kids do use flip flops or water shoes at the pool, in changing areas, gyms, dance studios and any place else where people are likely to walk barefoot. Make sure children change their socks daily and air out shoes and sneakers between wearings.

Sunburn—don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your children’s feet just as often as you do to the rest of their bodies. Not only is sunburn painful, it can lead to melanoma and other skin cancers later in life.

Ingrown Toenails—we usually think of new shoes and sneakers for going back to school but be sure to monitor your child’s foot size over the summer. Toes that are jammed into shoes that are too small and squeezed together for extended periods of time have a greater tendency to become ingrown.

Of course, if despite your best efforts to protect your child’s feet an injury or foot condition develops, our podiatrist, Dr. Philip S. Pinsker, is ready to help. Contact our Washington office for a convenient appointment by calling: and we’ll have your child back to summer fun in no time!