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By contactus
January 28, 2011
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"Toughness" has been a word thrown around a lot this week in football. Entering in to the final preparations for Super Bowl XLV, Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger has been a comparative in evaluating Chicago's Jay Cutler. Big Ben has been playing on a residual fracture in his foot for the majority of the season and is now leading his team back to the promise land. The injury has obviously been deemed "playable on" by team physicians. Certainly Big Ben has been playing through some pain but it has seemingly not affected his playmaking ability.
The same can not be said for Cutler. After being pulled from his NFC championship game Sunday for a grade 2 MCL injury, Cutler has been extensively criticized for his "toughness". Unfortunately for him, his critics seem to have ignored the role of the teams medical staff in his playing status. Toughness in football, especially at the professional level, is incredibly over analyzed. The role of the team's physician is too often deemed less important than the player's ability to play in a possibly detrimental situation, both to himself and his team. Big Ben is considered one of the league's " tough" QBs but it was only last season when he came under scrutiny by both some members of the media and even teammates regarding a concussion. A concussion is an even greater concern medically than a foot or knee issue but it is yet another example of how a players ability to take the field is a poor barometer of a player's toughness. Here's to a great Super Bowl and Go Steelers!