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Diabetes has become one of our country's largest systemic diseases. Recent numbers from the American Diabetes Association have shown that over 17 million Americans have diabetes and it is predicted that 5 million of these have yet to be diagnosed. Many conditions can be derived from diabetes and today we'll go over peripheral neuropathy and some tips for healthy control of diabetes.

Peripheral neuropathy is medical diction for saying that there is a malfunction in the way the nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord are functioning. Diabetes, especially type II, plays a huge factor in the development of this condition. Elevated blood sugars affect many parts of the body. Prolonged blood sugar elevation acts on the nerves going to our hands and feet by affecting their layers of insulation and the way they conduct. This can further manifest into loss of good circulation due to damage to the nerves that control the body's blood vessels. The initial onset of peripheral neuropathy usually consists of a prolonged tingling or numbness in the hands or feet. This can escalate to fiery, burning extremities as well as becoming a stepping-stone for major infections and illness.

Peripheral neuropathy is obviously a condition that should be avoided at all costs. Controlling blood sugar levels is the most important factor in delaying and avoiding peripheral neuropathy. Not enough can be said about how important proper diet and exercise are to the control of diabetes. Next time you see a physician, make sure to ask for tips on both of these attributes while considering your own personal health situation. Medical treatment is also very important in the maintenance of diabetes. The United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study is a must read for any diabetic. This extensive study shows that by maintaining a high level of control over both blood sugar level and blood pressure, many manifestations of diabetes could be avoided.

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