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By Dr. Pinsker
September 29, 2012
Category: Diabetes
Tags: Shoes   Footcare  

Diabetes has quickly become one of the most prominent diseases, with 8.3 percent of our population of 25.8 million, having been diagnosed. Diabetes occurs when there are elevated levels of blood sugar, also known as blood glucose, within your body. The disease is a serious threat to your health because it can attack your nervous system, which leads to serious nerve damage that can result in loss of feeling. Diabetes can also slow down blood circulation throughout your entire body, which most often affects your feet and ankles.

In order to keep your diabetes under control, Dr. Pinsker encourages you to follow these helpful tips:

  • Stay hydrated. While keeping a bottle of water on you at all times is a great idea, you shouldn’t simply stick to H20. The famous sport drink, Gatorade, is a delicious way to stay hydrated and control your blood sugar levels. You should drink Gatorade throughout your daily exercises.
  • Invest in a medic-alert bracelet. Medic-alert bracelets are a great way to stay safe and alert doctors of your diabetes. You should wear your bracelet at all times in order to ensure your safety.
  • Continue to stretch and exercise.You should conduct a series of stretches and exercises throughout your day. Physical activity can improve your blood circulation throughout your entire body. Remember to exercise and stretch even your smallest limbs like your hands, feet, ankles and toes.
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes and shoes. With everything from clothing to footwear, you should put comfort and health first. Wearing tight clothing and shoes can work to restrict your blood flow even further, which is already an issue when handling your diabetes. You should look for looser clothing that fits more comfortably and invest in footwear specifically for people with diabetes. Look for wider shoes, including the toe box, so all ten toes can fit comfortably and receive proper blood circulation.

Diabetes should always be taken seriously as it can lead to nerve damage, poor blood circulation, and unsafe levels of blood glucose within your body. Your feet and ankles are the lowest limbs on your body, which means that they will be most affected by poor blood circulation. If your feet and ankles do not receive proper blood flow it may result in nerve damage.  If this occurs you may not feel any punctures to the feet and it can lead to infections.

Visiting your podiatrist regularly is also part of healthy foot care as a person with diabetes.  Dr. Phil Pinsker can evaluate your feet and help identify any symptoms of neuropathy, puncture wounds and infections.  If you are a person with diabetes and would like to schedule an appointment, please contact our office at (724) 225-7410.