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Injuries to the foot and lower leg have been prominent in the sporting news as of lately. Dwight Freeney's ankle sprain was the major topic leading up to the Super Bowl and with the Winter Olympics here, we have a whole new set of podiatry-related injuries. The United States' Lindsey Vonn has been the media's latest hot topic. The top skier from the US suffered a severe bruise to her right lower shin in the middle of a slalom practice session in Austria on February, 2.
The injury itself has been described as a severe bruise to her right shin starting where the top of her ski boot contacts her shin. This has been a painful injury as this is a major pressure area for downhill skiers. When in their crouched position, skiers must lean into the front of the boot for stability. The rigid structure of the boot is what provides most of the structure for the foot and lower leg. With the bruise being right in the key area of pressure, the pain must be astounding.
Vonn has skied since the accident and has won gold in the alpine downhill earlier this week but said the leg was quick to react to more pain after the run. Chances of fracture could be high, depending on the actual injuring act, but Vonn refuses to get a X-ray til after the games. She doesn't want to know if it's a fracture yet. If there is a fracture, further skiing could obviously injure her more. Vonn obviously knows this but figures she can tough it out for the games.
Taking the pressure off of the affected area should be the main goal in dissipating the pain during her runs. Some modifications to her ski boot have supposedly taken place to do this. Hopefully this will alleviate some of the pain and allow her to ski to the best of her ability. It will be interesting to see if she can overcome this throbbing pain to win more golds for the US. Here is a great link to the story from CBS.