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By Dr. Philip Pinsker
April 30, 2013
Category: Foot Health
Tags: Diabetes   Circulation   feet  

We are definitely inundated these days with foods, drinks, pills, vitamins, powders all claiming they can make us as healthy as can be. The truth is that some are very important. One significant part of your overall health and function is your circulation.

Why is good circulation important?

Good circulation allows your cells to carry oxygen to your organs giving them the energy they need. Your skin is also more able to fight off infection, your brain function improves and your heart can rest easy as your blood pressure stays stable.

What can I eat to help my circulation?

Now that you know why good circulation is important, we’ve found some great foods to help keep it up. It may not be easy to change a lifestyle but to avoid varicose veins, strokes and even heart attacks, try making a few of these changes if necessary:

Stock up on your herbs and spices– Ginger, cayenne pepper, garlic and gingko biloba have been found to help with increasing blood flow and enhancing circulation.

Listen to your mom and eat your fruits and veggies– Certain conditions such Raynaud’s disease particularly affect circulation. Eating beans, peas, spinach, peppers and potatoes, which have beta-carotene and Vitamin C, helps increase circulation.

Ditch the fat– Foods that are high in cholesterol and fats can lead to plaque build up in your arteries, which can affect circulation. The “fat” to look for is foods containing omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, tuna, olive oil and whole grains that can stimulate circulation.

One condition foot specialist, Dr. Pinsker, carefully watches when it comes to circulation is diabetes. If you are concerned about your circulation and its affect on your feet or overall health, please contact us today. Call (724) 225-7410 or visit