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By Dr. Philip Pinsker
May 08, 2014
Category: Running

Choosing the Best Running PartnerLacing up your running shoes and hitting the streets may be one of the best ways to tour a city you live in or are visiting. The North Shore 5K is a running tour that explores the bridges, stadiums and spectacular views of downtown Pittsburgh, PA. Whether you are gearing up for a tour or a race, or simply boosting your running routine, a running partner may be the ticket to get you to the end.

The beauty of running is the freedom it provides to get out on the road by yourself, anytime and anywhere. On the other hand, running on your own can be lonely and make it difficult to stay disciplined. The experts at share, “Studies show athletes will exceed their expectations or personal bests when performing with a group or in front of a group.”  If you are bored, lonely, or need to step things up to the next level, it may be time to find a running buddy. There are a few guidelines to keep in mind to ensure you find a great partnership.

First, find someone with common goals, expectations, and workout ethics.  If a partner does not share your drive, discipline, or goals, it could become a frustrating and negative situation. Second, if you are looking to be pushed, find someone who is slightly faster and more experienced. Sometimes all it takes to break through a rut or plateau is running with someone who can push you. Be careful though: pushing too far, too quickly, could lead to injury. Third, if you need accountability and a partner to keep you focused, choose someone with a personality that fits yours and who runs at a similar pace, so neither of you will feel you are going too fast or too slow. Finally, do a trial run to see if the other person will be a positive choice for you.

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