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Just like your footwear, orthotics need to be personal to your medical history, the exact shape of your feet and your physical activities. This means that not every orthotic is right for everyone. There is a right and a wrong when it comes to orthotics and your feet. By following these helpful tips, you can determine the best orthotic for your personal needs.

  • Consider Your Physical Activities

    • Each sport or exercise requires specific motions that can place excessive stress on your feet, ankles and toes. Therefore you should consider the physical activities you participate in before your purchase. Orthotics can help improve your physical performance and prevent injuries.
  • Look Into Your Medical History

    • Your orthotic should be specific to your personal needs. Look at your medical history, particularly any foot or ankle related conditions. Orthotics can work as a treatment for painful foot and ankle ailments while also preventing injuries from reoccurring. Orthotics can also reduce pain and swelling from current ailments.


  • Invest in Custom Made Orthotics

    • Custom molded orthotics are designed specific to your feet. Your feet are completely unique.  If you suffer from flat feet you may require greater arch support. Custom molded orthotics ensures that the orthotic will fit the exact shape of your foot so it can better protect you.
  • Consult Your Podiatrist

    • Dr. Phil Pinsker will know your foot’s medical history and is familiar with the conditions are experiencing. Therefore, he can recommend the best orthotic to fit your personal needs. You can also schedule an appointment to be fitted for a custom molded orthotic.

Orthotics are designed to reduce pain, improve comfort, add support, improve stability and inspire your best performance in all of your activities. If you would like to be fitted for a custom molded orthotic, or want additional information, contact our office at (724) 225-7410 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pinsker.