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By Dr. Philip Pinsker
December 03, 2013
Category: Treatment Options
Tags: Orthotics   Pain Relief   Treatment  

Hollywood actor Russell Crowe recently injured his feet due to intense workout regimes and after running a 10K. He opted for platelet rich plasma injections to help correct the muscles in his feet. It is not known how well he cared for his feet during his grueling workouts, but for anyone in a similar position, orthotics may be one thing that could help avoid foot pain.

Let’s face it: our feet take a beating even on an average day. Add in exercise, playing sports, having a job that has you on your feet all day, or wearing poor-fitting shoes like high heels, and the potential for foot problems increases. Orthotics may sound like the latest invention at a junior high science fair, but in reality, they are an extremely beneficial and effective tool in the world of foot care.

The reason they are so helpful is how they support your feet. Whether you have an injury that is healing, a deformity such as hammertoes or bunions, or a foot structure such as flat feet, orthotics can make your feet more comfortable. These inserts that slip right inside your shoes are designed to stabilize your feet. This can alter the way your feet strike the ground, which helps with balance and takes pressure off areas that are painful. Orthotics provide extra support and help with shock absorption.

There are some store bought options out there, but the best way to go is to get a pair custom made at our office from an exact imprint of your foot. A one-size-fits-all kind of insert simply may not do the job you need it to do. If you have been struggling with foot pain, it’s time to find out how orthotics can help.

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