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By contactus
April 02, 2011
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April is  here and with that means that the sports watching world will turn to Augusta, Georgia for the Masters.  A common question a podiatrist encounters is whether or not orthotics help golfers.  Here is what the literature says regarding the use of orthoses in golf.
There is not an incredible amount of literature regarding the use of orthoses but what there is seems favorable.  Prefabricated (off the shelf) orthoses have been shown to improve the posture of the back (right) foot, and also improve lower limb pain levels. However it should be noted that the placebo in this randomized control trial did just as well as the orthoses in improving comfort.  Considering the asymmetrical function of the feet, it seems that orthoses that are symmetrical (such as prefabricated devices) may not be the most beneficial for a golfer.
A study by Stude and Gullickson in 2000 investigated custom made orthoses. These had the advantage of the device for the left foot and the right foot being designed independently of each other and unique to each golfer.   Following 6 weeks of wearing custom made orthoses it was found that club head velocity increased by 7%.  In real terms this was equivalent to the golf ball travelling a further 15 yards per shot.  It was also found that the orthoses reduced the effects of fatigue associated with 9 holes of golf; and therefore may also improve consistency of performance. If you have questions regarding adding orthotics to your golf game, give our office a call and schedule an appointment today!