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By contactus
April 08, 2011
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No, I’m not talking about hesitation to do something. I’m talking about the icicles you may have at the end of your legs. Cold feet affect a substantial amount of people and there are many conditions that contribute to cold feet. Many of these conditions are peripheral vascular diseases. For one reason or another, the flow of blood into the feet and toes is restricted. This reduced or inadequate blood flow results in icy cold feet. Conditions that can contribute to cold feet include very common conditions, like artherosclerosis and diabetes.
Other conditions cause spasms in the blood vessels that lead into the feet, restricting the blood flow. Reynaud’s Syndrome is an example of a condition that can lead to icy cold feet.
If your feet are often cold, especially if you’re experiencing pain, mention this to your doctor. They can get to the root of what’s going on, and what can be done to improve the situation. Addressing the underlying cause is necessary to warm up those cold feet!