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By Dr. Philip Pinsker
April 30, 2014
Category: Diabetes

Best Exercises for DiabeticsDiabetes is a serious disease where there are elevated blood sugars, also known as blood glucose levels, within the body. If you are suffering from diabetes it is important to stay active and create a daily exercise routine. Diabetes can attack your nerve system resulting in poor blood circulation and a decrease in sensitivity throughout your body.

Your feet can be one of the most targeted places on your body to suffer a decrease in your circulatory system as well as nerve damage. This means that if your foot is punctured in any way you may not be able to feel it, which can result in serious injuries as well as bacterial and fungal infections. It is important that people with diabetes go the extra mile, not only paying extra attention to what you put in your body, but also looking for ways to stay active throughout your day.

Follow our helpful tips to stay active, which include the following:

Break Up Your Exercise

On average, it’s best for you to exercise for at least 30 minutes a week for at least five days every week. With your busy schedule it can be hard to find a whole 30 minute time block dedicated to exercise. We recommend that you break up your exercise into either two 15 minute exercise sessions or three 10 minute sessions, but no less. This can make it easier to not only find the time, but make the time.

Go for a Walk

Walking can be a great way to stay active and lose weight because it is so easy and natural. It is also a great exercise if you are looking to cut costs. A great way to insert walking into your daily routine is to dedicate a walk after every meal. Walking off a meal can keep you active and feeling great.

Take a Class

Some people prefer exercising in the privacy of their own home, but physical activity can be a great way to socialize. Signing up for a class makes you part of a team and you will feel more inclined to attend each week. This keeps you motivated and dedicated to working out on a daily and weekly basis, which is extremely important to staying active.

Exercise can help increase your heart and blood circulation throughout your entire body, which is especially important to people with diabetes. Staying active keeps your muscles from tightening, can improve your breathing rate, and keeps you fit and healthy. If you are looking for more ways to stay active, or are suffering from foot complications due to your diabetes, contact our office at (724) 225-7410 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Phil Pinsker.

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