I wrote this book because too
many people suffer from foot and ankle pain unnecessarily.

~ Dr. Phil Pinsker


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Are you making a mad dash to the beach or pool when the temperatures rise to squeeze in the last bit of fun in the sun? If your last minute summer adventures find you leaving your sunscreen at home, you could be hobbling home with sunburn.

Feet are often neglected when it comes to putting on protection in the sun. You may not realize that they are just as vulnerable as the rest of your body to be exposed to the harmful sun. The skin on your feet is tender and the tops and bottoms can be burned when overexposed.

If a day in the sun has left you with red, painful feet, apply some easy home remedies to ease your symptoms quickly. A bad burn may cause your feet to swell so try to avoid closed shoes that could rub against tender skin. An over-the-counter medicine can reduce pain and swelling and lots of fluids will help jumpstart the healing process.

Soaking your feet in a cool water bath will help ease the pain and a gel such as aloe vera, which is found at most stores, will feel cool on the skin and help with healing. If sunburn has led to the development of blisters, avoid the temptation to pick or scratch them - simply leave them alone. If they break open, the exposed area is prone to infection and that is not another problem you want to add to the list!  

The risk for skin cancer is real and when it comes to melanoma on the feet, it is often found late and is serious in nature. If the pain of sunburn lasts beyond these home remedies, or if you notice any unusual spots or symptoms, please come in and see us. Dr. Phil Pinkser can provide the treatment you need and identify any areas that may be of concern. Call our office in Washington, PA at (724) 225-7410 and by all means be safe in the sun!