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By Dr. Philip Pinsker
April 30, 2014
Category: Flat Feet
Tags: Flat Feet   Flat Foot Pain   Low Arches  

Treat Pain From Flat FeetTake a look at your feet, does your arch curve upward at the middle? If it does not, or if the curve is very minimal you may have a condition referred to as flat feet. Flat feet is a condition where the arches of your feet are flattened. The condition means that whenever you walk or stand, your whole foot touches the floor, rather than the middle being lifted by the arch. Flat foot is a common condition and for most people it is usually pain free. In select cases, flat feet can result in pain and hinder function.

Children are actually born without arches in their feet. Arches develop as they grow, but some people never develop proper arches. Flat feet can also be caused by collapsed arches. Your arches may collapse due to trauma to the foot brought on by intense physical activity.  Therefore it is important to always wear exercise specific and properly fitted shoes, use the correct techniques, not over exercise by allowing your feet plenty of rest, and allow all injuries to heal properly and completely before returning to physical activity.

Foot pain associated with flat feet can be reduced through the use of custom made orthotics. Custom made orthotics are molded to the exact shape of each of your feet. This makes them personal to the shape, size, and medical needs of your feet. Custom made orthotics can help protect your feet during all of your physical activities by adding cushioning and of course the arch support that your feet are lacking.

Conducting daily exercise for flat feet can work to strengthen and even further develop the arches of your feet. This can increase functionality, strengthen muscles, and improve flexibility. You can also perform a series of exercises to stretch your Achilles tendon, the largest tendon of your body, which stretches from your calf muscles down to your heel bone. Strengthening your Achilles tendon and keeping those muscles from tightening can increase the arch of your foot, which can help with the stability and functionality of your feet. You should remember that stretching your feet and ankles is important to their overall health. You should try to stretch two-three times a day, morning, midday, and night.

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