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By Philip S. Pinsker, DPM PC
October 13, 2015
Tags: hammertoes  

Chances are if you have a Hammertoe you know it because of the telltale bend in the middle joint of the toe, causing it to resemble a hammer. This deformity can occur in the second, third, or fourth toes. Hammertoe is most often caused by a muscle imbalance. It can also be the result of wearing improperly fitting shoes for an extended period of time, trauma to the toe, or arthritis. In some cases, Hammertoe is hereditary.

At Philip S. Pinsker, we see many patients in the Washington, PA area with this common condition. If treated in its early developmental stages, the effects of Hammertoe can be lessened. Left untreated, Hammertoes will become rigid and unable to bend. Corns and calluses may form on the top of the middle joint of the toe or on the tip of the toe. You may also notice redness or swelling at the toe joint, and the motion of the toe joint may be restricted. People with Hammertoe may have pain in their toes or feet and most definitely will have difficulty finding shoes that are comfortable.

Our board certified podiatrist, Dr. Philip S. Pinsker will take a complete medical history and then conduct a thorough exam of your foot and the Hammertoe. He may order x-rays to more accurately assess the toe’s condition and how far the Hammertoe has progressed. If caught in the early, flexible stage, there are several steps that can be taken to relieve discomfort including:

  • Wearing shoes with soft, roomy toe boxes
  • Exercises for the toe to stretch and strengthen the muscles
  • Straps to help straighten or realign the toe
  • Pads or cushions to relieve pressure on corns

If you think that you might be experiencing the early signs of Hammertoe, don’t delay. Make an appointment at our convenient Washington, PA office online or by calling (724) 225-7410. We offer evening hours and accept most major insurance plans.