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By Philip S. Pinsker, DPM PC
April 18, 2018
Category: Ingrown Toenails
Tags: Ingrown Toenail  

At Philip S. Pinsker, DPM we are appalled by the podiatric havoc that can be wreaked by a relatively minor foot ailment: the ingrown toenail. This condition occurs when a corner of the nail (most often on the big toe) grows down and back into the skin surrounding the nail. This can cause the nail to become red, swollen and very tender to the touch. Below are some do’s and don’ts to observe with ingrown toenails and to prevent this common foot problem from becoming a major health threat.

Do: Soak your foot in warm, soapy water several times a day to soften the skin around the affected nail. This may make it possible for you to gently massage the nail out of the ingrown position.

Don’t: Cut a notch in the nail, shove a piece of cotton under the nail, repeatedly trim the border of the nail or try any other “folk remedy” to treat an ingrown nail. These forms of bathroom surgery cause injury and infections that are way worse than the initial problem! If a nail does not respond to soaking, make an appointment at our Washington office (724-225-7410) and let our podiatrist, Dr. Philip S. Pinsker, take care of the nail. A simple in-office procedure can be done to remove part of the nail if necessary with much less discomfort than home remedies.

Do: Contact the doctor’s office right away if you notice pus or drainage of any fluid from the nail bed or there is a foul odor coming from the affected nail. These are all signs that an infection may have developed which will require antibiotics.

Don’t: wear shoes and socks that are too tight as this presses toes up against one another and encourages ingrown toenails.

Do: learn how to trim toenails properly and check them regularly. Nails should be cut straight across and not too short so that the skin around the nail does not easily cover the corner of the nail. Never clip or file the edges of the nail in a rounded shape. Improper trimming of the nails is the top cause of ingrown toenails.