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By Dr. Pinsker
January 04, 2013
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Valentine's Day  

February is typically the time for people to declare their love for another but what about a New Year’s resolution to love your feet? It is time to make a declaration of love for your feet and here’s why!

Dr. Pinsker, foot specialist in Washington, PA is often reminded through his patients that feet tend to be neglected until a problem arises. The truth is that some basic care and attention to those two little body partscan make a big difference! They are the foundation of your body, allowing you to get everywhere you need to be and do everything you want to do. This new year may be time to turn over a new “foot” and take care of them a little better.

Feet that are clean and healthy will ultimately be happy feet. Just standing in the shower may not do the trick in getting rid of the dirt and bacteria trapped by socks and shoes. Dr. Pinsker encourages all his patients to spend a few extra minutes to scrub feet and toenails. Dry feet completely, especially between toes to help prevent athlete’s foot.

Wear comfortable shoes and clean socks every day. It sounds simple but the injuries and infections that can result with those who don’t can be pretty serious. At our podiatric office, we treat too many patients who have ignored rashes or small injuries in the hopes that they will go away on their own. This is often not the case and you can truly show love to your feet by having even the small problems properly taken care of.

If you need help loving on your feet, we would be happy to help! We can provide footwear advice, orthotics for many different conditions and treatment for any foot or ankle problems. Call our office today at (724) 225-7410 or visit us at