I wrote this book because too
many people suffer from foot and ankle pain unnecessarily.

~ Dr. Phil Pinsker


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February 29, 2012
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    I know it may be frowned upon in these parts to talk about the Atlanta Braves baseball team, but something interesting came out in the news this week about one of their starting pitchers. Jair Jurrjens was an untouchable All-star during the first half of last season, but he developed a chronic knee injury and was not effective the rest of the season. The team doctors discovered when they looked at his feet that on one foot, his big toe is much shorter than his second toe. This anomaly was creating a slight abnormal motion starting in his foot during each pitch. That abnormal motion continued up his ankle and into his knee. In his knee, the abnormal motion finally resulted in a painful injury. Unfortunately for the rest of the NL East, the doctors discovered this abnormal toe length, and therefore the abnormal motion while pitching, could be controlled and corrected with custom made orthotic inserts.

    Custom made orthotic inserts are a useful tool when I treat many patients. Many injuries and pain are caused by poor function of the foot while walking. The cause of poor function can be a long list of things, but thankfully, the poor function can be controlled with orthoses. Custom orthoses are molded specifically to your feet and are based on how your foot functions with each step you take. The purpose is to put all the small parts and pieces of your foot where they should be to function in the most efficient and pain-free way possible. Since every foot is different, many of the over-the-counter shoe inserts you see in stores may not be the appropriate shape, or they may not be enough support period.

    The next time you come into my office, please ask me if you have any questions regarding custom fit orthoses and what they may be able to do for you! Remember, you don’t have to live with pain in your feet.