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By contactus
October 01, 2010
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Toes and feet can take a beating, especially from sports. Snug cleats and repeated kicking can contribute to a painful problem. Many soccer players have complaints of ingrown toenails at a young age. Improper toenail trimming, snug soccer cleats and repetitive kicking create this painful problem.
Many kids wear hand-me-down cleats that don't fit. On top of this, others believe that a soccer cleat that is too small gives an advantage of better feel for the field and ball. Both of these problems can lead to ingrown toenails.
There are steps soccer moms and dads can take to prevent their children from suffering a painful ingrown toenail. First, teach children how to trim their toenails properly. Trim toenails in a fairly straight line, and don't cut them too short. Second, make sure cleats fit properly. Be mindful that a child's shoe size can change even in the course of one soccer season.
A foot and ankle surgeon, such as Dr. Pinsker, can remove a child's ingrown toenail, and prevent it from returning, with a simple, 10-minute surgical procedure. "During the short procedure, I would numb the toe and removes the ingrown portion of the nail. Various techniques can permanently remove part of a nail's root too, preventing it from growing back."
Most children find that they have no pain as soon as the next day and can resume their normal activities soon there after.
If you have a question about a painful ingrown toenail or simply need to seek medical attention for one, give our office a call and schedule an appointment today!