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By Dr. Pinsker
February 18, 2013
Category: Lifestyle
Tags: Weight Loss   Fitness  

Are you someone who’s New Year’s Resolution hasn’t had the greatest start? You are definitely not alone! Many resolutions have great intentions and when they aren’t adhered to, guilt and disappointment can come in and stop your efforts even further.

Stop and take an assessment of your New Year’s resolution. Was it reasonable? Was it attainable given your lifestyle and resources? For many, resolutions revolve around getting active, eating healthier, losing weight and improving their lifestyle. Often though, goals are too lofty to begin with and they fall by the wayside. Change it up. Keep the same end goal but change the path of how you can get there and keep going.

If going to a gym seemed like a good idea but is not working out, skip the membership and join up with some friendswho can help you instead. Find some community classesthat are appealing and fun to you such as a dance class or sports club. If eating healthy is proving to be a challenge on your own, invest in some help and hire a nutritionist, take some healthy cooking classes or enlist the help of your friends to encourage each other in your healthy endeavors.

Dr. Phil Pinsker, foot specialist in Washington, PA treats many patients who are getting healthier simply to help with their foot pain. It is not always easy and change doesn’t happen overnight. Dr. Pinskercan offer footwear tips, exercises, orthotics, physical therapy and more if you need help with your foot pain or condition this year. One thing patients are always encouraged with at his podiatric office is that foot pain is not normal and should never hinder your goals or lifestyle. Call our officetoday with any questions or help with foot pain at (724) 225-7410 or visit us at