I wrote this book because too
many people suffer from foot and ankle pain unnecessarily.

~ Dr. Phil Pinsker


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By Dr. Philip Pinsker
January 13, 2014
Category: Arthritis

While some love to cozy up by the fireplace with a good book on a winter day, others can’t wait to get out and have fun! Which are you? If you need some laughter in your life, check out the next improv comedy show by the Amish Monkeys, taking place at the Gemini Theater in Pittsburgh, PA on January 11th, 2014. This is a night of comedy that you get to participate in, so grab your friends and be ready for a fun time.

Unfortunately there are things that can really steal the “fun” from our lives. If you suffer from arthritis, perhaps you can relate. Arthritis is often a debilitating condition that can significantly impact a person’s quality of life. Our feet really are the foundation for our bodies, and when they suffer from a condition such as joint pain, the effects can be painful and frustrating. Each foot has 33 joints, and one of the best ways you can protect these joints when you have arthritis is by the shoes you wear.

“Arthritis shoes,” if we can call them that, are styles that will truly support and protect your joints from further wear and tear. Shoes with solid rubber soles are a good choice as they provide extra shock absorption. A wide toe box will give your toes the wiggle room they need, and a thick low heel keeps your foot at a natural angle. To make sure we say it, high heels with tight, pointed toes would definitely not be a great option if you have foot or ankle arthritis. Stability shoes that have a cushioned midsole and heel would be a good choice if you have arthritis of the hip, foot or ankle.

We have many ways to help you if you are struggling with joint pain in your feet. Contact Dr. Philip Pinsker whether you need treatment or would like help finding comfortable shoes. Call our office in Washington, PA at (724) 225-7410 to make an appointment