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By Philip S. Pinsker, DPM PC
October 04, 2016

Starting up a new school year brings challenges: getting up at an earlier time, making new friends, scheduling time for homework, etc. Dealing with pain in your feet or ankles, however, should not be one of them. At Philip S. Pinsker, DPM we do see an increase in podiatric complaints involving children and teens at this time of the year.

What’s the Pain?

Foot pain should never be ignored. Most conditions will not get better without some treatment or adjustment and could eventually cause serious disability if not dealt with. Some common causes of pediatric foot pain include:

  • Fall footwear transition—after a summer of going barefoot or wearing flip flops the more confining shoes of Fall may feel uncomfortable. Some adjustment is normal but consistent aches and pains indicate a possible problem. Due to the lack of support and cushioning in flip flops children who have spent the majority of their summer in them may find that they have inflamed their Achilles tendon or twisted an ankle that is not healing properly.

  • If the shoe fits—new school year often means new shoes. Whether buying new or using last year’s shoes, make sure they fit properly. There should be a thumb’s width of space between the longest toe and the front of the shoe. Make sure your child can wiggle all their toes freely in the shoe and that the heel fits snugly without rubbing or slipping out of the shoe. Worn out shoes can lose their support and cause foot pain too, so be sure to check for wear.

  • Heel pain disorder—common among children ages 8-14 is a condition known as Sever’s Disease. This occurs when the growth plate at the back of the heel becomes inflamed. Due to the fact that the bones in children of these ages are still developing this area is somewhat fragile and can be aggravated by repetitive pounding or walking in shoes that do not have adequate heel cushion.

  • Watch for overuse—many toe, foot and ankle disorders come about when children increase activity suddenly. If your child is participating in a Fall sport and has started a vigorous practice and game schedule after a summer of video games and inactivity foot pain and injury are quite likely. Encourage conditioning and proper stretching before and after practices.

If your child is complaining of any discomfort or pain in their feet, take it seriously. Contact us for an appointment at our Washington office so our board certified podiatrist Dr. Philip S. Pinsker to evaluate and treat your child promptly so the school year will get off to a good start.