I wrote this book because too
many people suffer from foot and ankle pain unnecessarily.

~ Dr. Phil Pinsker


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By Dr. Philip Pinsker
December 23, 2013
Category: Arthritis

If you are looking for a little getaway this holiday season, a great option is the quaint town of Gettysburg, PA, known for its three-day battle in 1863. There are cozy bed and breakfasts, shopping, and holiday events that will add some charm to your time away. For the adventurers, the Liberty Mountain Resort will give your family all the skiing, snowboarding or tubing they need!

For those who suffer from arthritis, it may not sound appealing to go anywhere. Joint pain can flare up and make it painful to stand, walk and wear shoes. If you are between visits to your doctor or podiatrist, there are several things you can do for arthritis pain relief at home.

The first important tip is to remember that moving is good. It is often misunderstood that achy joints need rest to get better, but the opposite is true. Maintaining movement in your joints is very helpful in reducing pain. Go for a walk, clean your house, or go to the local gym and use the pool. Water is a great place to exercise, as your buoyancy provides less stress on joints. Second, your shoe choice is extremely important. Wear shoes that fit your feet well and have rubber soles for more cushioning. Last, you can do a bit of your own physical therapy with some foot exercises. Pick up some marbles with your toes, or stretch your big toes by putting a rubber band around both big toes and trying to pull them one at a time away from each other and toward adjacent toes.

If you are struggling to manage your foot arthritis, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Philip Pinsker for help. We can provide a treatment plan tailored to your needs that will bring relief from your symptoms. Call our podiatric office in Washington, PA at (724) 225-7410 to make an appointment today