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By Dr. Philip Pinsker
April 30, 2014
Category: Sports Injuries

How to Prevent Sports InjuriesYou love to dribble a ball down the court, maybe you love throwing a football across the 100 yard line, or maybe you simply love healthy competition and being part of a team. Whatever sport suits you, one thing is clear - sports are an easy and fun way to stay healthy! Unfortunately, the intensity of training, competition, and playing in the game can lead to excruciatingly painful injuries to your feet and ankles.

From basketball to tennis, track to volleyball, and football to soccer, each sport is associated with their own injuries.  However, we’ve come up with some helpful guidelines to protect your feet in every sport.  They include:

Remember to Stretch

Stretching your legs, ankles, and foot muscles should be part of your routine every time you participate in physical activity. Stretching is a great way to get your body ready to exercise. You should create a warm-up routine to perform before every practice and game as well as a cooling-down routine to perform after your exercise. Without a proper stretch, your muscles remain stiff and are more likely to develop an injury.

Spread Out Your Workout

Intense daily workouts can lead to overuse injuries, therefore thirty minute a day workouts are your best options. With such a busy schedule you may attempt to cram all of your workout time into the weekend, but intensely crammed workouts can make your body prone to injuries. Instead you should try to make the time during the week. Try to workout at the beginning of the day, at night, or even during your lunch hour. You may think that you can’t find the time, but it is about making the time and an investment in your health.

Have the Right Gear

Using the proper equipment associated with your chosen sport is so important not only your performance, but your health as well. Depending on your sport you may need different equipment such as helmets, bats, balls, pads, and so on.  However, footwear is an important form of equipment in almost every sport. Your shoes should be specific to your chosen sport so that they can properly protect your feet from the harsh movements associated with your physical activity. Obtaining the right shoes and other equipment related to your sport can help prevent injuries and keep you healthy.

Before you begin training or participating in a sport, you should have a proper foot examination. It is important to determine you are at the top of your health before you plunge into a serious exercise routine. 

Contact our office at (724) 225-7410 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Phil Pinsker for a foot examination and check-up.  You can also contact our office if you develop an injury during your sport. We will do everything we can to help you stay your healthiest and get you back into your favorite activities.

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